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The Vicariate of Latin America, is a vicariate in the Old Catholic Churches International assigned to the custody of the Priestly Society of St. Ignatius Loyola serving Spanish-speaking communities ranging from Mexico to Argentina. It is our mission to build up the Kingdom of God in Latin America, this vicariate is not in competition, nor does it seek to create rivalries with any church institution. The philosophy of OCCI is Christian unity is to work as the sole basis of faith. Because Jesus is the head of the Church, even though we are many , we are one : in faith and follow the Master. Therefore, our vicariate is an inclusive and open vicariate where we see external differences , but we see people who want to be heard and addressed in the sense of sharing the gospel. The works that are in this vicarious and in fact are completely backed by our Priestly Society and the OCCI are the Ecumenical Centre Wise ” Ignaz von Dollinger ,” Center for Research and Information Old Catholic ” CIIV ” and the Movement of Consciousness in Jesus.